Menu Plan: 6/13-6/19

This was a very expensive week at the grocery store. Our chicken stockpile ran out, and chicken breasts weren’t on sale at either of our grocery stores. So we opted to buy a whole chicken, which was on sale for $1 a pound. We’ll use the leftover chicken for two meals and make a nice chicken stock out of the leftovers. We freeze the chicken stock in 1 quart containers to use in soups.

Our total would have been $70 (whoops), but we used some loyalty points to take $5 off our order. So in the end, we were $5 over our grocery budget for the week. We spent about $10 on household expenses (toilet paper, shaving cream, etc.)

We decided to stay in and save our entertainment money to make up for our expensive grocery trip. Friday night we played Scrabble, and Saturday we watched a movie that we got through our Netflix account.

We ended the week with $27 in our pockets. Not too bad. :)

Here’s our menu plan:

Saturday: Grilled haddock with rice pilaf
Sunday: Roasted chicken with roasted corn
Monday: Chicken quesadillas and refried beans
Tuesday: Bean and cheese burritos
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Chef’s salad
Friday: Chicken kabobs with succotash

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