TGIF Link Round Up: Frugal fun edition

This is the beginning of our second weekend living on a limited cash budget. I’m amazed at how smoothly things are going so far, and how inspired we’ve been at entertaining ourselves. Weekends have always been the cause of most of our money hemorrhages. The temporary “vacation” mindset of the weekend would lead us to overspend, and I would dread looking at the budget come Monday morning.

Now that we’re living on cash only, I know exactly what we’re spending, so I don’t dread Monday morning so much. I’m free to enjoy our weekends a lot more without budget anxiety. We’ve also been a lot more creative about entertaining ourselves. Instead of heading out and spending money, we’re looking for frugal, active things to keep us occupied. We don’t have any plans for this weekend yet, but I’m excited to see where it takes us.

Most importantly, we’ve learned that we don’t always have to be doing something or spending money to stay entertained. We’ve both been doing a lot of reading, watching movies we haven’t seen in a long time, spending time at the library, and going outside. It’s been surprisingly fun, and incredibly frugal.

And now for some interesting links:

I’m off to enjoy another frugal summer weekend. I can’t wait to share our successes with you on Monday. Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “TGIF Link Round Up: Frugal fun edition

  1. The Prudent Homemaker

    Another way to spend the weekend is in your garden. I pulled weeds, transplanted flowers that had come up from seeds from last year’s flowers, watched a hummingbird that landed 2 feet away from me for a rest, did some light summer pruning of my fruit trees, and planted some of those flowers in pots by my front door.

    Accomplishing needed tasks at home can be rewarding as well.

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