20 goals for 2011

Tony and I have compiled a list of things we’d like to do before we settle down and start a family. We’re trying to accomplish as many of these things as we can without spending every penny we earn or breaking our other financial commitments (living debt free, saving for retirement, saving for emergencies).

Here’s where I’ll track new goals and accomplishments. I’ll be writing about each goal we accomplish, how we did it frugally, and link to it here.

Visit Europe.
Drive across the country from one ocean to the other.
Camp in the Grand Canyon.
Take a spontaneous weekend trip.
Visit as much of this part of the country as we can before we leave (Charleston SC, Atlanta, Asheville and the mountains, the Outer Banks).
Go parasailing.
See a Las Vegas show.
Live in a big city.
Wear a bikini in public (I have a long way to go before I can do this one).
Go sailing.
Share a bottle of wine on the beach under a full moon.
Stay up all night.
Cook lobster. Cook live lobster?
Take more photos.
Spend a weekend watching movies.
Turn off the TV for a week.
Have a picnic on the beach.
Take a weekend trip with my best friend.
Volunteer a full day to a charity.
Watch the sun rise on the beach.

I’m always taking suggestions, so let me know if there’s anything you think we should add!

5 thoughts on “20 goals for 2011

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  3. Anonymous

    I’m turning 30 in a few months and I love your thought process (sounds just like me in regards to planning out the next 2 years of your life financially) and your list of things to accomplish.

    Two things that I added to my version of your list is 1) learn how to properly shoot a gun, and 2) golf. Most women that I know don’t show much interest in doing either and I feel like I have to do both at least once in my life.

  4. Erin

    Im making a list to complete in 2011 to.. actually I do this every year.. some of the stuff on mine are…watch the sunset, wirteabookon life and what you didnt learn in school, at work or from your elders, dance in the rain, stop biting nails, go to New York, get re- organized, try 10 different exotic fruits, stay up all night, temporarially dye hair (temprary!!! I am not one to dye my hair..eek!), and a whole bunch more! I love ur list though.. especially the wear a bikini in public one!!


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