Give to the people of Haiti

Update: The Red Cross has now pledged $10 million in aid, and the “Text Haiti to 90999” campaign has raised over $2 million for the Red Cross in 24 hours.

Today I urge you to donate to Doctors without Borders, a nonprofit organization that sends medical professionals and equipment to provide care in areas that need it most. The Red Cross is now estimating the death toll may be 45,000-50,000. Many of Haiti’s hospitals were destroyed or severely damaged in the earthquakes, and the ones that are still operational are overloaded. Doctors without Borders is in Haiti providing medical care, but they need funding to offer the best possible care. Please send whatever you can afford to give.

According to the American Red Cross, more than 3 million people in the country are affected by Tuesday’s 7.0 earthquake. The photos of the rubble show the capital city in absolute ruins, including this shocking image of the country’s Presidential Palace. There is no telling what the final death toll will be, but thousands of people are missing or dead. My heart breaks to see the devastation in this already impoverish country.

Please consider giving whatever you can today. I chose to give to the American Red Cross, which has already released $200,000 in disaster relief funding. Here is a list of organizations offering disaster relief in Haiti. No amount is too great or too small.

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