I’ve spent the last few days immersed in coverage about the devastation in Haiti. Like the rest of the world, I am heartbroken by what’s happening there, and feeling helpless. Sending money is all that we can do, but I wish I could do more.

Suddenly everything that worried me so much has vanished. None of it matters in the least as I watch people scramble through the rubble that was once their city, hurt and scared and desperately searching for family. I hate that it takes a disaster of such proportions to remind me just how insignificant my worries are. After all, my family is safe and warm with a roof over their heads and food on the table. They’re healthy and happy and safe, and isn’t that all that really matters?

I do hope you’re able to free some money in your budget to help the people of Haiti, even if it’s only $5 or $10. If you would like to donate clothing, food, or blankets, you can check with churches with missions in Haiti and donate to them.

At the very least, keep all of the people of Haiti in your thoughts and prayers and hug your family a little closer tonight.