Menu Plan: 12/19-12/25

It’s finally the week of Christmas! I can’t wait for the four-day weekend of relaxation.

We have a tradition of red meat on Christmas Day. It used to be steak, but this year we’re trying something new. We’ve never made a pot roast, but Tony is thrilled.

And of course, on Christmas Day, we’re celebrating with a movie and Chinese food. It’s probably our last Christmas that we’ll be able to do this for a while, so we’re incredibly excited.

Here’s our menu plan for the week:

Saturday: Pizza
Sunday: Roasted chicken with potatoes
Monday: Chicken noodle soup
Tuesday: Black bean quesadillas
Wednesday: Homemade calzones
Thursday: Pot roast with mashed potatoes and green beans
Friday: Chinese food!

For more menu plans, visit OrgJunkie. Have a fantastic Monday, and a happy holiday!