Living Well on Less is now on Facebook

Since I’m still mourning the temporary loss of my camera, I don’t have any photos to upload for this week. At the moment, I’m checking the tracking information on the shipment every 2 minutes and listening to “Please Come Home for Christmas” on repeat while dulling the pain with semi-sweet chocolate chips consumed directly from the bag. Why did I ever send my camera to Minnesota?

In the meantime, why don’t you become a fan of my brand new Facebook page? You know, just for fun.

One thought on “Living Well on Less is now on Facebook

  1. Megan

    Have you tried putting a stop shipment on the package? It might actually take longer to get it back- but it might be faster. We use UPS to ship our packages at work and I think they charge $10 to stop it (cheaper then paying the resending fee), but we usually get it back pretty fast. I would assume USPS has the same type of option, if that is who you sent it through.

    I wish you luck in forgetting about the situation so you can enjoy Christmas!

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