TGIF Round Up: Friday Fun Edition

Summer's endI’m so grateful for all of the kind words of support on yesterday’s post. I was incredibly nervous about posting it — so nervous that I actually woke up in the middle of the night, changed my mind, and canceled it. But when I woke up in the morning and read over it again, I decided it was important for me to be honest if only to prove that there’s nothing shameful about my decision to try medication. I’m SO glad I decided to run it. Thank you so much for being so supportive. I have the best readers. :)

And now on to something a little more upbeat! It’s Friday, which means I’ll be treating myself to a 32 oz. fountain Diet Coke this afternoon. Back in my pre-budget days, Friday night was date night. I looked forward to going out to dinner and maybe seeing a movie. But even though we’re cooking at home every night and enjoying quiet weekends at home now, I still crave a fun treat for Friday afternoon. So I run to the convenience store on my lunch break and pick up a HUGE Diet Coke for $1. It’s the only time of the week when I drink soda, and it’s also my way of kicking off the weekend. I tell ya, I am WILD. :)

But here’s my question for you: How do you kick off the weekend? Do you have a weekly tradition? I’d love to hear how you treat yourself!

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Happy Friday, and have a great weekend!

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