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I have some news today that I’m so excited to share. For the past few months, Tony and I have been discussing the possibility of me finding a part-time job after Judah turns 1 at the end of this month. Now that we’ve bought a house, we really want to ramp up our efforts to pay down our remaining student loan debt, and the easiest way to do that is to increase our income.

However, the idea of me working even part-time was complicated for a number of reasons. It wouldn’t make sense to pay the high cost of daycare for me to work part-time, but I’m still not ready to look for full-time work at this point. Most part-time jobs also require late evening and weekend hours and hectic holiday schedules, which didn’t seem like it would work well for our family. Tony’s schedule is one of the things I love most about his job. He’s lucky to get a lot of paid time off and a schedule that has him home more than the average full-time worker. We didn’t want to give up that time together as a family.

But yesterday I was offered an amazing opportunity that will allow me to increase our income without dealing with all of those complications. Beginning in January, I’ll be an adjunct professor at the college where my husband teaches.

I’ll be teaching a personal finance course through the college’s life skills department. Usually they prefer to hire people with business or accounting degrees to teach this course, but they agreed to interview me despite my Journalism degree because of my experience writing this blog. I met with them yesterday for an interview and a brief teaching demonstration, and they seem to think I’ll be a good fit, because they offered me the job!

They’re scheduling my classes around Tony’s schedule so childcare won’t be an issue, and I’ll have all the same time off that he does. I’ll only be out of the house a few hours a week in the afternoons. I’ll also have the option to teach additional classes online in future semesters, which means I’d be able to work from home. And I’ll get to talk about one of my very favorite subjects — money. It’s perfect.

I started this blog three years ago as a way to share my experiences with other people and hopefully make a little money at the same time. I never knew it would lead to such an incredible opportunity. And there’s no way I would have stuck with it for this long without such an amazing community of readers cheering me on, so thank you. Your continued support means the world to me.

14 thoughts on “Working mom

  1. joanna

    That’s an AMAZING opportunity! Wow! I also love that the college offers a personal finance course- the topic is something that is missing from college and high school curriculum most of the time.

  2. Trish Hook

    YAY! Congratulations Karen! What a wonderful opportunity for you and your family! I worked part-time for my daughter’s first four years, and like you I was able to arrange my schedule to avoid having to pay for child care…. it’s a win, win!! I look forward to reading about your new experiences in the classroom. Best wishes :-)

  3. momstheword

    I am sooooo excited for you! To be honest, I would much rather take a personal finance course from someone like you who is in the trenches than someone with a business degree (no offense to my son who is at college earning his, lol!)

    Although my son is working his way through college and paying his own way and pretty frugal, he lacks the life experience of being a parent and raising children on a budget, lol! You have a unique perspective and you are going to be awesome, my friend!

  4. Kacie

    This is awesome! And ya know, it could lead to even more opportunities later. It’ll be a great thing for your resume, no doubt. Looking forward to seeing what your future holds! You really deserve this and I am so happy for you!

  5. Brittany

    This is so awesome, Karen, and you have totally earned it! Who ever would have guessed a blog would lead to you becoming a professor? Isn’t life fun sometimes? I’m v. excited for you guys, and also v. much looking forward to the personal-finance stories that will inevitably unfold from your experiences teaching the class(es)! Congrats, hope you have some celebratory wine.

  6. Cathy

    Congratulations! My husband and I have been talking about this very idea for a while – doing the things that we love for no other reason than because we love them. It seems that when we follow what we love, good things come. This is an awesome opportunity. I have been adjunct faculty for 10 years. It started off working around my husband’s schedule and now I have more classes. I am really excited for you.

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