So I bet when I didn’t post yesterday, some of you wondered if my next post would be an adorable picture of my baby. Especially since Sunday night was the full moon.

HA. Nope. Still pregnant! Despite my wishing, hoping, and guessing that he’d come yesterday sometime.

We had a lovely weekend that included an early Thanksgiving celebration with Tony’s family. They came to us since I’ll be too close to my due date this weekend to travel several hours from home. Tony made the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner, and I once again reminded myself what a good move it was to marry a man who can cook (take note, single girls).

I’ve been having irregular contractions on and off since Sunday evening. In fact, I honestly thought I’d be heading to the hospital early Sunday morning when they suddenly fizzled out. Boo.

The contractions returned throughout the day yesterday, but stopped again in the late afternoon. So Tony and I took a long walk, and then we went to 25 cent wings night in the hopes that the old wives’ tale about spicy foods and labor holds some truth (it does not in my case).

Hopefully these contractions are a good sign that things are progressing, and the baby will be here sometime before his due date. I know this week is probably asking too much, but I’ve already eaten Thanksgiving dinner so I’d be totally okay with spending the holiday in the hospital if it means leaving with my baby. But really, I’ll be okay with it as long as he comes before December 9th.

I hope he’s reading this.

In the meantime, if you haven’t already, head over to this post and make a guess about when he’ll arrive.

5 thoughts on “Waiting

  1. Courtney

    This is also an old wives tale, but it worked…have sex! I had been having irregular contractions for 2 weeks, then we had some lovin’ and the next morning my water broke. And he was 2 1/2 weeks early! But no complaints from me…I was ready! Good luck!!

  2. Kacie

    The “I hope he’s reading this” part made me LOL!

    Maybe you should go to CVS and buy a pregnancy test to see what the cashiers would say to you. I bet that would be comical! No wait — Dollar Tree. Those tests are cheaper.

  3. Jes

    stubborn children. :) I like what Kacie said, buying a pregnancy test would be pretty humorous. I keep thinking about just telling people I’m not pregnant when they ask me when I’m due, but I never have the guts. There must be some way to get some laughs in while feeling like a whale right?

  4. Karen

    Lol. The other night we were in a shady part of town, and we drove past a strip club. I thought it would be really funny if I went in and asked for a job application. And told them, “I can start tonight if you need me.”

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