Settling in

We moved into our new apartment on Saturday, and let me tell you, pregnancy made moving a lot harder than it’s ever been. We hired movers to help us unload the truck, and our families came to help us unpack and arrange furniture, so I wasn’t doing any heavy lifting, of course. Just the small amount of lifting and moving that I did was enough to give me a killer backache Sunday and Monday, though.

Between moving preparations and ultrasounds, we’ve been going pretty nonstop for over a week. Now that most of our apartment is unpacked, we’re enjoying a few days of much deserved relaxation.

So far we love the town and our new apartment. There’s a huge library and a cute downtown district with more stores and restaurants than we expected. I think we’ll be very happy here.

Unfortunately, we won’t have Internet access at home until Friday. The library offers free wi-fi and depending how I’m feeling, I may pop in a few times this week to update my blog and check email. Otherwise, I’ll be taking it easy and getting settled for the rest of the week.