It’s a …

BOY! :)

Most importantly, our ultrasound showed that everything is developing normally, and he’s nice and healthy.

In other news, we are still waiting for confirmation that we’ll be able to move into our new place on Saturday. With any luck, we’ll be moving this weekend, which means I’ll be offline for at least a few days, but possibly a little longer. If we’re not moving Saturday, I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll be moved in by Monday at the latest.

If we’re looking at more than a few days without Internet connection, I’ll set up a temporary office at the nearest free wi-fi hotspot so I can continue to update until we have Internet connected in our apartment, but please be patient for a few days at least while we get settled.

Have a great weekend, and send us good moving vibes if you can. It’s been a stressful moving process already, and it’s nowhere near over yet.

Photo by nova_hokie

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