Giveaway: Vaseline Sheer Infusion lotion

Disclosure: I received three free sample bottles of Vaseline Sheer Infusion lotion for this review. Please view my Disclosure for more information on my review policies. In short, I do accept free products for review, but I do not guarantee a positive review. All product reviews reflect my honest opinion.

As the weather turns colder, I start to struggle with dry skin. So it was perfect timing when the nice people at Vaseline sent me two sample sets of their new Sheer Infusion lotion — one to review and one to send to my lucky readers!

According to Vaseline, this lotion is different because it penetrates below the surface of the skin to moisturize deep down. Obviously I can’t test that claim, but I can tell you that it made my normally dry skin very soft, and the three different scents are all pleasant and relaxing.

Vitamin Burst has kind a citrusy smell, Mountain Renewal is more perfumey, and Botanical Blend has a fruity, tropical scent. My favorite is Vitamin Burst.

Overall, I really liked the product, but I do have two complaints: Despite claims that the lotion immediately absorbs into the skin for a clean, non-greasy feeling, I felt like it took a little long to dry. Once the lotion had a chance to absorb into my skin, it didn’t feel greasy at all, but it took a few minutes to get there.

I’m also a little disappointed at the price. Vaseline typically offers great, budget-friendly products, but the retail price for Sheer Infusion is in the $7-$8 range for a 6.8-ounce bottle. It seems like they’re trying to cross over into the high-dollar market to line up with brands like Aveeno and Olay. To be honest, I’ve never found the pricier lotions to be better, so I kind of wish Vaseline would continue to offer their products at a more affordable price.

Now for the giveaway! I’m giving away one 6.8 ounce bottle to three readers. To enter, just comment on this post and tell me your biggest winter beauty problem. If you have a solution to offer, then go ahead! But if you haven’t figured out a solution, maybe someone else will comment and help you out!

Be sure to include your email address in the email box and your top two choices for scents (Vitamin Burst, Mineral Renewal, or Botanical Blend). The three winners will be selected at random on Friday night. First place will receive their top choice. Second place will receive their second choice if they requested the same scent as the first-place winner. Third place will receive what’s left. :)

Go here to learn more about Vaseline Sheer Infusion and print a $1.50 off coupon.

15 thoughts on “Giveaway: Vaseline Sheer Infusion lotion

  1. Tami

    ooo! I smelled this last night at Walgreens! I like the Mineral Renewal! :)

    I usually use Dove lotion in the winter – it does a great job!

    Thanks for having the giveaway!!xoxo

  2. Nathalie

    I’m getting older… my previously oily skin is changing. Every winter it’s a new adventure to address scaly legs and arms. It would be great to try Vitamin Burst, or Botanical Blend. thanks for sharing!

  3. Melinda

    Thanks for the review! I agree, most of the time I don’t find more pricey products to be better. My worst winter issue is also dry skin – especially my hands and legs. And my cuticles – ugh! (good excuse for manicure, though) :)

    I would love to try the Vitamin Burst! Second choice would be Botanical Blend.

    Great giveaway!

  4. Bobbi

    My problem area is my feet, lol. They get pretty dry on the tops and around the heels. Weird. I would like the Mineral Renewal or any of them really. :) Thank you.

  5. Deborah

    My skin is always very dry in winter. Especially my hands, elbows and everything from the knees down. I have never been able to find a lotion that does what it says it will do. I would really like to try a sample but I went to the Vaseline website and all they offer is a $1.50 off coupon. I think I would like to try the mineral renewal, but I would take any of them.

  6. from the desk..of me

    i love lotion and didn’t even know that vaseline was coming out with a new line. i tend to avoid using their lotion because it tends to be a bit greasy. so i’m eager to try this latest line. ( i hope i win the free sample.) my biggest winter beauty woe is itchy skin and cracked hands.

  7. FrugalChick

    I get very dry elbows and have to be sure to slather on a heavy-duty moisturizer so they don’t get scaly.

  8. Kara

    My biggest problem in the winter is stupid winter tights with skirts. There’s nothing that will ruin my mood more than having to put on scratchy tights that make my stomach fat bulge in unsightly places!

  9. J Wangerin

    My problem was dry lips, but now I use a natural lip balm (from a local company) and I no longer have the issue. I would like to try Botanical Blend or Vitamin Burst, they sound yummy!

  10. Kara

    My problem is that the tips of my fingers and thumbs dry and split open.. It is painful! My solution is lotion as well as Johnson’s First Aid Cream. It doesn’t work 100%, but it helps!
    .-= Kara´s last blog ..Back to reality.. :) =-.

  11. Sara Maucieri

    My biggest skin problem in winter is dry skin all over, but mostly in my hands. my fingers get so dry that I experience tenderness and pain in my finegertips. I’ve been using Suave Vitamin E lotion, but it doesn’t help much.

  12. Beeta M

    I have very oily skin, but during the winter months, my skin gets so patchy and right when the weather starts to cool off a bit, I notice the dry flakies. Dove and Burt’s Bees help a lot but I still can’t take care of my elbows properly. They always look dry. I haven’t bought either of these vaseline products. It’ll be nice to see if it works for my skin type. Thank you for your honest review… very few people out there critique products the way they should.

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