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Now that we know our time here is finite, I’ve been slowing down to appreciate the beauty around me a lot more. As much as I complain about the heat and humidity in North Carolina and as much as I miss fall in the Midwest, there is a lot of natural beauty in this part of the country. But it’s not just North Carolina that we’ll be leaving behind when we move.

The next chapter in our lives will be as parents and home owners. I’ll (hopefully) be a work at home mom. Tony will be working full time. Our time as a family of two is limited, and I want to appreciate every second of it. I also want to see as much of North Carolina as I can before we pick up and move on.

I’ve discovered a new passion for photography, and it has allowed me to slow down and cherish more of these beautiful moments.

In the coming months we’ll be traveling a little more, photographing a little more, and taking the time to prepare ourselves for the most important job title we’ll ever hold: parents.

We’ll also be cherishing every moment of this time of our lives. I know that someday we’ll look back on this time together and realize just how precious it was. I want to appreciate it now even though I’m so excited about what’s next.

How do you remind yourself to slow down and live in the now?

2 thoughts on “Life through the lens

  1. Bobbi

    You NEED to go into the mountains with that camera and take pictures of the leaves – Now, lol. Just take a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Beautiful! Lot of overlooks and places to see. Now is the time though when the leaves are changing! :) HAve fun!

  2. Cathy

    You are really doing yourself a huge favor by learning to slow down now. Once the babies come, life rushes by and just being in the moment with them is the best thing in the world. My kids help me stay in the moment. I love to sit in the opposite room from them and listen to them talk and laugh. I love having them come talk to me about their day.
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