Doing the Charleston in South Carolina

Yesterday we took a spur of the moment drive to Charleston, SC for the day. I’m glad we did the trip in a day instead of spending a whole weekend there last May. After walking around downtown, there just wasn’t much to see. As usual, we brought the dog and ate cheap, so the trip cost about $40 including gas.

I told Tony when we bought the camera that I wanted to be in the pictures, too, so he’d have to take camera duty every now and then. This plan isn’t working out. As you’ll see in the slide show, this picture of me in the side view mirror is the only picture I’m in from the whole day.

Click on it to see the rest of our photos.

camera face

P.S. Would you let me know if the bigger images I’m posting look funky? Even though Tony is using the same browser and operating system as me (Firefox and Mac), these bigger images are overlapping with my sidebars on his computer. Please let me know if you’re having this issue, too.

4 thoughts on “Doing the Charleston in South Carolina

  1. Bobbi

    Did you go down by the bay and see the old homes? I love those and the sweetgrass vendors. The products are expensive though. :( Hymans is a GREAT restaurant too. Lots of good food there. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Janice

    I’m a new reader and look forward to your daily entry. As a bonus, I love seeing Howie through your eyes. He has a lot of personality and reminds me of our Maggie. She’s a golden retriever but she’s shaved right now so looks a lot like Howie.

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