Spring cleaning can help you make (& save) money

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One of my goals for the next few weeks, despite my busy schedule, is to get myself motivated to get some real spring cleaning done. We’ve been living in the same apartment for two years, and we just signed the lease for another year. We’ve got some serious clutter build up that I’d like to clear.

My weaknesses are closets, drawers … anywhere that I can stuff things to deal with them later. It’s a terrible habit, and every few months or so I have to whirl through the house clearing away all the things I don’t really need that I stashed away “just in case.”

For some reason I insist on keeping things for much longer than I actually use them. That’s why I’m really pushing myself to get organized and get rid of everything we don’t use, including books, CDs, and DVDs.

Since I’ve been so busy, it’s pretty easy to push something like cleaning aside for other, more lucrative pursuits. In an effort to motivate myself (and hopefully some of you), I’ve thought up some ways that cleaning can actually help you save and make money.

Your clutter may be worth money.

Your junk may be worth something to someone. Every month that it sits in your closet collecting dust is a missed opportunity for extra income.

A clean house leads to better focus.

Have you been struggling with work and home life? Do you feel scatter brained and unorganized? Clutter reduces productivity, which could be preventing you and your spouse from reaching your maximum earning potential (not to mention getting the most out of home life). Hidden under all those papers and junk mail could be bills that may go unpaid, leading to late fees or worse. Getting organized will leave you freer to make more money and maximize your income.

You may find something that you need but forgot you had.

Do you have a list of spring and summer items you need? A fan, summer clothes, your kids’ Easter baskets? Before you run out and purchase them, make sure you’ve dug through all the clutter in your closets, attic, where ever you store things. You might find something you need that you didn’t even remember storing away. If you already have it, you won’t have to spend the money to replace it.

If you can think of any other ways that a clean house can improve your finances, please add them to the comments! I need all the motivation I can get. :)

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