Be wary of liquidation sales

I came across this video, and I couldn’t resist posting it.

Just as I suspected, liquidation prices aren’t necessarily the best deals. No matter where you’re purchasing an item, make sure you’ve done your homework to ensure you’re getting the lowest possible price.

In the end, the supposed “percentage off” is less important than the final price. Always shop for the lowest final price, not the largest percentage off.

One thought on “Be wary of liquidation sales

  1. Natasha

    My mother and I were discussing this just the other day. Goody’s is going out of business and they now have 30% off everything. I have seen very few items EVER at Goody’s that weren’t at least 30% off. My mom had been in there and said people were shopping like crazy getting those “deals”. They don’t seem like deals to me.

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