Resolutions for another frugal year

I’m so excited about the year ahead! For the first time, I feel like I’m looking ahead with a clear set of goals and the resolve to actually achieve them.

In the interest of keeping myself honest, here’s what I hope to accomplish in the coming year:

  • Finish building our 6-month emergency fund. We’re a third of the way there now, but I hope to finish it by the end of the year.
  • Spend less than our budget. We’re doing a lot better than we used to, but we continue to go over budget by $50-$100 every month. Technically we’re not spending more than we make because we save at least $300 a month, but we’re cutting down our actual net savings by going over budget each month.
  • Make a dent in our student loan debt. Now that we’re credit card debt free, I want to really crack down on our spending and send every extra penny to our student loans so we can be completely debt free sooner.
  • Learn more at my job and grow my skill set. Someday when we have children, I’d like to work from home, so it’s important that I learn as much as I can now to build my credentials and qualifications.
  • Enjoy the present, and try to stop looking ahead to the next big thing. This is a constant work in progress for me. Planning ahead is essential to reaching long term goals, but sometimes my constant planning makes me lose sight of the present. I need to find a balance between appreciating what’s now and planning for the future.

What are your resolutions for the new year?

5 thoughts on “Resolutions for another frugal year

  1. Money Funk

    I agree to on living in the present. By the way, those are great resolutions. My resolution is similiar to living in the present by slowing down, doing a hobby for a hobby and not a potential money maker, and make 90% of this year’s Christmas gifts.

    I just want to see the details of my life and enjoy!

    Happy New Year!

    Money Funk’s last blog post..Week #18 – A New Year

  2. Jill

    I like your bit about living in the present. Way too often I’m looking ahead–next week, next month, next year–failing to enjoy the moment. If I’m being honest, I’m doing it already this year (thinking about my husband getting out of the military). I didn’t really make any resolutions, aside from trying to choose a word/mantra/what-have-you–“Embrace” :)

    Jill’s last blog post..2009: my word

  3. Gigi Win

    I also hope to spend less than my budget. I realized that buying small stuff adds up to big stuff. In effect, I spend more than my budget for a week. I will definitely try to spend within my budget this time.

    My other new year’s resolution is to free myself from clutter. Aside from I save money buying stuff that I don’t really need, I also do myself good in making my surroundings clean and organized.

    Gigi Win’s last blog post..Forecasts for 2009 (Year of the Ox): Peace and calm

  4. Abigail

    Sounds like a good plan!

    Our big change for 2009 is we’re going to start contributing $20 a week to an IRA. It’s not much, but at least it’s a start.

    Also, we finally hit the under-$10k goal for credit cards. Means we’ve paid off $4,000 in student loans/credit cards since mid-June. (Considering we’re living on $3,000/month, we’re pretty thrilled!)

    I am definitely starting to keep an eye on calories. Between the cold/needing new shoes/a few extra pounds, my knees have been very upset at me. So my priorities are: Find some more (affordable) walking shoes & start trimming those calories!

    Abigail’s last blog post..I warrant you’ll be wantin’ a warranty

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