TGIF Round Up: Holiday Countdown Edition

I can’t believe we’re down to 3 weeks until Christmas! Time has been flying by.

The decorations are up, most of my shopping is done, and our plans are all set for our trip to see family. I just can’t believe how soon it’s coming. Despite the fact that everything’s pretty much done, I’m still feeling pretty unprepared for the holidays this year. Like they snuck up on me. Anyone else feel that way?

Tonight we’re going to a holiday party. I’m looking forward to getting all dressed up and enjoying some holiday cheer. :)

And onto my favorites from my reader this week:

  • Emily at Remodeling this Life is slowing down this holiday season. I absolutely agree with her. We’re all so stressed during the holidays, but it should really be the time to slow down and enjoy ourselves.
  • Christina at Northern Cheapskate shares how you can be generous even if you’re broke. It’s really important this time of year to remember that even when you’re struggling, it’s still important to help others.
  • Get Rich Slowly shows how to afford anything (but not everything). It’s so easy to get blinded by all the things we want, that sometimes we forget how easy it could be to get one thing with a little focus and effort.
  • On Simplicity offers alternatives to traditional gift giving. In the economy, we should all be thinking outside the box for ways to make the people we love feel special without spending a lot of money.

Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season so far. Happy Friday!

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