Finally making the switch to self hosting

Just a quick note to say I’m taking advantage of the extra time on my hands this weekend to finally migrate to self hosting. I’m not sure how this will affect the site. It may be down for periods of time tomorrow and Friday while I try to figure this out. I’m in way over my head. :)

Hopefully I’ll get it all worked out, and I’ll be able to post tomorrow and Friday. If not, I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday! Enjoy your feasts, and I’ll be back soon (hopefully)!

UPDATE: Pardon my mess while I straighten up around here …

Whew. I somehow managed to get everything migrated to my new host without any major catastrophes. I have no idea how I did it, because honestly I had no idea what I was doing. But it’s done. And I’m exhausted, but happy that I didn’t break anything. :)

The site is sort of a mess (as you can see), but I promise to get all of it cleaned up when I have more energy. I’m just happy that Living Well on Less isn’t completely down for the count. Thanks for your patience!

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