Black Friday? No thanks.

Sigh. Black Friday.

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite frugal holiday. Nothing but friends, food, and relaxation. Aside from food, I typically don’t spend any money at all the entire weekend after Thanksgiving. I’ve never headed out to the sales on Black Friday. I’d prefer to spend the Friday after Thanksgiving in my PJs grazing on leftovers and watching movies.

This year, we’re attending a potluck Thanksgiving on Thursday. We weren’t invited until last week, and we’d already spent the month collecting food for our own meal. So we’re having Thanksgiving 2 on Friday. That makes me feel even less motivated to go out and shop.

I think my problem is that there’s just nothing I need. Our Christmas shopping is done, and I usually try to avoid crazy sales unless I need something anyway. I don’t want to be tempted to buy just because the deal is great.

I’m curious about the deals, but I’m afraid to look at the circulars because I don’t want to be tempted. With our big trip back to Indiana for the holidays coming up next month, we really don’t need to be spending extra money right now. Even if it’s a good deal.

I know how hard it is for me to turn down a great deal. So I’ll most likely stay home this Friday relaxing. I probably won’t be able to resist looking through the ads, but hopefully there won’t be anything so compelling that I can’t resist. I’m not so into the crowds, to be honest. I don’t like feeling like shopping is a competitive sport. :)

My advice to those of you braving the sales racks? Look through the ads, make a list of ONLY what you need, and stick to it when you hit the stores. Don’t be tempted to buy just because it’s a deal!

Are you heading out this year? What are you buying?! (I have to ask. :) )

7 thoughts on “Black Friday? No thanks.

  1. tiffanie

    definitely not heading out. i’ll be working 3a-11a. even if i WASN’T working…i’d still not be going. too much competition and stress and really…nothing i want.

  2. Jill

    I’ve considered going out for a digital picture frame, but I’m too lazy…I’d much rather sleep in than wake up early and fight the crazies for a “bargain”

  3. Simon Z

    I’m totally with you on this. I can find similar deals without having to wake up (or stay up) just so I can be the victim of a stampede. Plus I prefer the sleep.

    Love your method towards preventing yourself from shopping. Don’t look and you won’t know how cheap something is.

  4. Kate

    I admit to having succumbed to the shopping madness, mostly because I was looking for a new printer and monitor at bargain prices. I succeeded!

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