A fabulous, frugal (free!) date

Tonight, Tony and I wanted to get out of the house, but our budget is pretty tight this month. Armed with some coupons, we headed out to have some fun without spending any money.

First, we headed to the mall where I redeemed a coupon for a free pair of underwear from Victoria’s Secret. Honestly, I haven’t made a charge on the card in probably close to a year (other an $2 and some change to buy some mascara purchased with a $10 off coupon. Long story short, I had to use the card to redeem the coupon). They just keep sending me coupons for free stuff. It’s a-ok with me! I rarely have to spend a dime to redeem the coupons, and when I do it’s just a dollar or two for some underwear, makeup, or lotion. Fine by me.

I also planned to redeem a coupon for a free diffusor starter set from Bath and Body Works that’s been floating around the frugal blogosphere. I first saw it at BeCentsAble, I think (linked above). Unfortunately, when I clicked on the link to print the coupon today, I got a message that said the offer was expired. Bummer, especially since the coupon wasn’t supposed to expire until next month! Lesson learned – from now on I’ll print the coupons right away when I see something good!

Finally, we stopped by Barnes and Noble where we browsed some books and redeemed this coupon for a free coffee at the Barnes and Noble Starbucks cafe that I picked up at Nothern Cheapskate and Sense to Save.

We had a great night, and we didn’t spend a single cent! I love frugal dates. :)

2 thoughts on “A fabulous, frugal (free!) date

  1. The Happy Rock

    Sounds like a great inexpensive date. Its a great way to remember that your relationship and attitude is the important part not what you are doing or what is happening around you.

  2. Abigail

    I’m a huge fan of frugal dates, too! It’s hard in this day and age, but my husband and I manage to celebrate relatively cheaply most times.

    This week, for example, we’re going to use up two admissions to the local museum. My husband’s never been there and it’s been ages since I have gone. (The passes were given to my mother but she doesn’t have time to go and took pity on us and our need to get out more.)

    I’m also a huge fan of movie previews as a free date. It’s a great way to see movies you don’t actually want to pay for. And here in Seattle, they advertise free passes pretty regularly in the weekly publications.

    Thanks to MyPoints we can also sometimes use gift cards to pay for a meal out. And now so many restaurants have eClubs to join (which then give you special coupons in the mail and free birthday rewards).

    If you aren’t already signed up with MyCokeRewards, that’s a great source for movie tickets. Assuming that you drink Coke products. My mom actually finds caps on the ground all the time and scoops them up, so she’s crafty, I suppose.

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