Freebies are starting to arrive

I’m struggling for ideas this evening (and I’m more than a little distracted by the Democratic National Convention, I must admit), but I wanted to write a quick post anyway.

I didn’t start signing up for freebies until about a month ago. Now that they’re finally starting to fill up my mailbox, it’s really fun!

This week I received a sample of True Lemon (quite a tasty, calorie-free way to flavor unsweetened iced tea!), a Pond’s Clean Sweep facial cloth, and a coupon for $4 off Purina ONE dog food (the only brand we buy … frequently switching dog food by buying what’s on sale can upset your dog’s stomach). The Purina coupon was supposed to be printable, but I just couldn’t get the coupon-printing program to cooperate with my Mac. (That happens to me with printable coupons all the time … Does anybody else have that problem?)

Before I started receiving freebies, the mail was more of a hassle than a cause for excitement. It was mostly junk mail since I’ve opted to go “paperless” for most of my bills and statements. We do receive a number of magazines every month, but for the most part the mail was boring.

I love having something to look forward to now that I’m receiving freebies! It’s never much, usually just enough for one use, but it’s still a fun way to perk up the day!