A deal that’s almost too good to be true

Wise Bread just posted this amazing deal from Super 8 motels. The first 800 people to book a room online after 8 p.m. every night between now and August 15 pay $8.88 for one night. The reservation can be for any night between now and December 30, 2008.

We’re planning a trip to Indiana for the holidays, and because we’ll be traveling with our dog and the trip is 10 hours minimum, we planned to drive halfway there in the evening, stop for the night, and make the rest of the trip the next day. I’m going to hit the Super 8 site every night at 8 to see if I can get this deal.

I’d rather avoid paying for a hotel room all together by making the trip in one day of marathon driving, but I think that might be too intense for the dog, and if the dog is freaking out then it’ll just make a tough trip even tougher on us. $8.88 for the room plus a $10 pet fee is as close to nothing as we’re going to get, and since we’ll only be in the room for about 8 hours total to sleep, it makes no difference to me if it isn’t luxurious. Wish me luck!