Luxury on Less Tip: Porterhouse steaks for two

When we see Porterhouse steaks on sale for under $10, we usually buy at least two and freeze them.

One Porterhouse steak easily feeds two people. We cut the NY strip steak away from the filet mignon and cook them separately. I usually eat the filet, and my husband eats the larger strip steak.

They make wonderful, elegant at-home meals for date nights at a fraction of the cost of eating out at an expensive steakhouse. And they’re just as delicious.

Today we bought two Porterhouse steaks for $5.60 a pound. Both filets and New York strip steaks typically cost at least $12 to $15 each at a steakhouse … sometimes a lot more depending on how fancy the place is. At $5.60 a pound, we’re getting two steaks for under $3 each! You can’t beat that price, and it’s such a nice treat to have a fancy steakhouse meal at home.