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A friendly reminder and a mini rant

I’m finally home after a harrowing morning at the polls and the grand opening of a brand new giant supermarket less than a mile from our apartment. Unfortunately, exposure to that many people means I have to endure a lot of really stupid comments about my belly.

I’m starting to think it’s best if I just stay home for the rest of this pregnancy. I am far too crabby to handle even the nice comments, especially since they’re so few and far between. I just can’t believe that I’m really THAT enormous, but yet another person incredulously asked if I’m carrying twins today after I told her I’m not due until December 9. Grrr.

So I think I’m probably just going to hide out for the next 2-7 weeks. Oh geez. SEVEN weeks? Is it really possible that I’ll still be pregnant in SEVEN weeks? Sadly, if this baby decides to stay in until I’m 42 weeks pregnant, then yes. It is possible. I think I’m just going to hide in my apartment until he finally decides to come out already.

ANYWAY, my point is, those of you who aren’t the size of a house should get out and vote today! Pregnant ladies should also go vote, but maybe consider wearing some earplugs to block out rude comments about how you’re too big or too small or whatEVER.

Happy Election Day!

Photo by windompark