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Because I need one more place to post things on the Internets

Since I launched this blog in August 2008, my interests have changed and grown. Because I love this here blog, I’ve just kept expanding its content to fit whatever I’m interested in at the moment. What started as a money blog has now become a money blog, a lifestyle blog, and a mommy blog all smushed into one little website.

I have no plans to make any major changes to my content. My apologies if you miss the days of yore when all I wrote about was personal finance, but I’m happy with the way things are here. I like writing about my baby and my life and my money, because I think they’re all connected.

However. I also like other things. Artsy-fartsy, crafty, quilty things. One of my unpublished New Year’s resolutions (if I had shared them all, the post would go on for miles) is to start actually acting on those creative impulses more. I want to learn to sew things that are practical and pretty. I want to use my sewing machine for more than just making quilts. I want to learn to knit and crochet and do all sorts of other crafty things.

Rather than cramming one more topic into this already overloaded blog, I decided to launch yet another place where I can share things with the Internets. BEHOLD!

I can’t promise that it will be updated with any regularity in the beginning. But when I’m feeling inspired or I’ve actually finished a project, StitchWit.org is where I’ll share it. Since I know a lot of you are into this sort of thing, I’m hoping you’ll subscribe to the RSS or pop over every now and then to see what I’m up to over there.

I’m feeling pretty motivated right now, so hopefully I can make this one stick. Writing about personal finance helped me learn so much about money, and I’m hoping a craft blog will have the same effect on my creative skills. We’ll see!

Now I’m looking for crafting and sewing blogs that will inspire me. What are your favorites?