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Christmas through the lens of my point-and-shoot camera

Unfortunately, my camera didn’t return to me until yesterday afternoon, so I shot Christmas through my AA-battery-powered point-and-shoot camera. I was dying to take photos, though, so I’m thankful I had it (even if finding batteries for it was a last minute struggle that took over an hour).

We spent the weekend drinking cocktails, watching movies, eating too much chocolate and playing Beatles Rock Band. Just as I anticipated, it was heaven. However, I’m not looking forward to my not-so-triumphant return to the gym tomorrow (or today if I can actually force myself to get up and go).

Click on the unfortunate family photo below to see our Christmas slideshow. You should know that this poorly timed family photo was not taken for lack of trying to get a good shot. However, when it comes to photographing animals, you’re largely at their mercy. Getting Howie to sit still and look at the camera as we sat on the floor next to him was impossible. We finally bribed him with treats, but the result was just photos of a dog staring at the floor.

And now back to the real world. Sigh. I’m counting down the days to the New Year.

‘Tis the season

Holiday party 2

This weekend I celebrated the holidays with my co-workers, first at a Christmas-lights themed holiday party in the office and then at our annual fancy dinner. We had a fantastic time.

My co-workers took the themed office party to the extreme, dressing up in ridiculously over-the-top lighted costumes. Here’s my lame attempt at participation:

Costume 2

I hope you had a great weekend!

Turkey and the Beach: November 2009 in photos


When I went through my photos from last month, I was bummed to realize that I just didn’t take that many. I blame the plague that nearly killed me in the beginning of the month.

Anyway, here’s a slideshow, mostly from Thanksgiving with Tony’s family. Lots of dogs and food and beaches. But who doesn’t love that stuff? (Note: clicking on the image above will take you to Vimeo.com because the slideshow somehow uploaded with a blank screen cap.)

Click here to see the rest of our Thanksgiving pictures.

Too busy for a slideshow this weekend



We spent the whole weekend watching independent films at the local annual film festival thanks to some free passes from my employer. We saw six movies in all, and we didn’t get much done other than that.

Because we spent so much time in dark theaters all weekend, we also didn’t have many opportunities for photos. So all I have is a couple pictures of our excitement before the festival started.

Please excuse my bad hair day. As I said, we were in dark theaters. I guess I didn’t think about the fact that I’d end up posting these pictures on my blog.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Baby monster mash

Our trip home to Indiana for Halloween was crazy. There were 15 of us in one house, including five kids under the age of 6 hopped up on too much candy. The weekend also included the following:

  • A trip to Chicago with my dad to see Bob Dylan in concert. (!!!)
  • My mom hit a deer in her brand new car. Everyone was okay. The car and the deer, however, were not.
  • Most of us were infected with the worst virus EVER at some point during the weekend.

Despite all the craziness, it was an unbelievably great time filled with family, laughs, kids, candy, and way too much food. Click the picture below for some photos.

WARNING: This slideshow contains dangerous levels of cute. Proceed with caution.