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I’m about four years late on this one

It’s Thursday. Which means tomorrow is Friday. So how about something fun?

Today I’m sharing some free music. First listen to the adorable Drinking with You, a fun little song about the beginning of a relationship. And then download the hauntingly beautiful but depressing When You Go , an all acapella song about the end of a relationship.

Both songs are by Jonathan Coulton. This guy has been Internet famous forever now, but I never heard about him until October when my sister played some of his stuff for me. I love his music, but I also love his story. Instead of seeking a traditional recording contract, he built a simple website, and started posting a free mp3 of one of his songs every week. He quickly built a huge following, and now he’s a real-live musician without a day job. And the best part is he did it on his own terms.

It’s just another reminder of the power of sheer will and determination when it comes to getting what you want. No record deal? No problem. Make it happen.

I wish I’d have heard about this guy five years ago when the rest of the Internet did.

Photo by abletoven