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Reverse seasonal affective disorder

Regular blogging will now be interrupted for whining.

You know how a lot of people get depressed in the middle of winter when it’s cold and dark? I have the opposite problem. I get depressed every year around this time when I realize we have two more months of unbearable heat and humidity and misery. Ugh.

Fall is my favorite time of year, probably because it comes after months of torturous heat. I was much more suited to the cooler temperatures and shorter summers in northern Indiana, but my husband found a job in southern Indiana, and the heat will probably stick around until October here. I’m not happy about it.

I write this now, because I feel like I can’t be alone in this, despite the fact that people have disagreed with me my whole life. But here it is: I’d rather be cold than hot. I would absolutely 100% take sub-zero temperatures and snow and ice over heat and humidity. Don’t get me wrong, the cold season isn’t my favorite. I much prefer when the sun is warm, but there’s a slight chill in the air — when it’s cool enough for a sweater but warm enough that you don’t need a coat. But I’d still take the coldest day of the year over the hottest. I agree that it can be a downer when it’s freezing outside and it gets dark so early, but at least I’m cozy and comfortable inside. Our air conditioner is struggling to keep up in this heat wave, so when it gets above 95 degrees outside, even our house is insufferable.

In the winter I can bundle up in layers — shirts and sweaters and coats and scarves and mittens. When it’s hot, you can only undress so much before you risk being arrested. And when it’s this hot, you could walk around wearing nothing and still feel miserable.

I miss hearty comfort foods. I miss good food in general, because I’m sick of eating non-meals that don’t require an oven.

At night, even if it’s chilly inside, I can bundle up in a giant down comforter to keep warm and sleep soundly all night. When it’s hot, I don’t sleep well even when I kick off the covers and turn the fan on full blast.

So am I alone in this? Who’s with me? Anyone have a time share in Antarctica that I can buy for the summer months?

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