Here we go again …

Judah has big news to share.

Big brother

Only he says, “I’m not a big brother, I’m a SMALL brother!”

His small(er) sibling is due in late September, which makes me 17 weeks along. Things are going well so far aside from the continued nausea, the hip and pelvic pain that showed up around 10 weeks, and various other pregnancy complaints.

My extended maternity leave begins in May, so I’m hoping to be around more online this summer and early fall.

Here’s hoping for a healthy (and quick!) 23 more weeks. Send us some good vibes!

5 thoughts on “Here we go again …

    1. Karen

      I’ve felt some little pops here and there, but it’s so hard to tell at this point if it’s baby or just something weird going on in my belly! With Judah, the placenta was in front, so I didn’t feel anything until after he started really thumping around after 20 weeks. So I’m not sure what those early kicks feel like! I do think I’ve felt a little something, though.

  1. cheryl

    Congratulations!!! Such wonderful news :) Will be praying for a healthy baby and mom. With as little discomfort as possible!

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