Break for gratitude

Now more than ever I need to remind myself that as challenging as my days can be lately, I am very very lucky. Instead of complaining today, I’m affirming all of the reasons that I have to feel thankful on the day after my 26th birthday.

  • A medically uncomplicated pregnancy, and the healthy baby boy who will result from it (eventually).
  • My wonderful husband, who is working so hard to provide for us and take care of me on the days when I’m feeling particularly ill.
  • The incredible kindness and generosity of the friends and family who attended our baby shower this weekend, and the bounty of much needed baby items they brought for us.
  • Central air conditioning to keep me cool despite the 85-degree heatwave we’re experiencing in Indiana. (If I wasn’t pregnant, I would tough it out with fans and open windows. Sorry, electric bill. You’re just going to have to deal with a couple days of air conditioner use in October.)
  • The imminent and much anticipated arrival of fall and winter in the Midwest. I’ve missed it so much for the past three years, and I’m so glad I’ll finally be here to enjoy fall foliage, crisp air, and snow.
  • My parents, my sisters, Tony’s family, and our friends for providing us with the support network we missed so much when we were living 800 miles away.
  • Howie, the best dog in the world.
  • My blog readers, who have been so incredibly helpful with tips, encouragement, and inspiration over the past 2 years.
  • Generic Zantac, the midwife-approved medication that is keeping my reflux (somewhat) bearable in the final weeks of this pregnancy. I don’t like taking medication while pregnant, but the Zantac is much more effective and much preferred over 20 Tums a day.
  • Plentiful freelance work that will help us replenish our emergency fund.
  • Pumpkin-shaped Reese’s peanut butter cups.
  • Mid-day naps.
  • Thanksgiving, which is rapidly approaching.
  • Only 58 days until my estimated due date. I don’t know for sure that he’ll be here by then, but it feels good to know the end is getting so close.

I’m trying really hard to focus on the positive today. Why are you grateful?

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7 thoughts on “Break for gratitude

  1. Elizabeth

    I am thankful for a wonderful and beautiful day yesterday in celebration of my birthday. First, a walk (alone) in the woods. I spotted a hawk and three snakes:-)
    Second, an outing with husband and three boys to my favorite place, the Peconic River Herb Farm. So exquisite.

    And I’m sorry to be forthcoming but I have to suggest that raw almonds and papaya work very well to combat reflux. And sadly, the reflux may be caused by the reeses cups:-( Sugar causes reflux… don’t shoot the messenger! I know I just finished off the bag of animal crackers I had stashed in my bag just in case a child got hungry. You do what you can…

  2. Cathy

    I love reading about things people are thankful for. I believe that once we start searching for the simple things in our lives that we are thankful for, we keep finding more. I recently started a blog sharing simple every day things I am thankful for.

    We turned our air back on in Chicago too. Our bedroom was almost at 90 degrees the other night. Too hot for us to sleep in. I am glad you are being good to yourself. :)

  3. Karen

    Thank you all for sharing! :)

    @Elizabeth – Most days I’m doing all I can to avoid anything in my diet that will flare up the reflux. But yesterday was my birthday, too, and my husband gave me a pack of two Reese’s cups as part of my gift. They were delicious. Sadly, though I try to avoid such things, it doesn’t really help. These days I can get reflux from nothing more than a glass of water. Boo.

  4. Jessica

    I’m thankful that this pregnancy is almost over and that the little one is healthy. I’m so thankful for my husband who worries about both of us and doesn’t complain when I keep him awake all night (and Tylenol PM which allows me some comfort and sleep at night). And that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming and this year we’ll have a new little family member to share our traditions with!! For being done with graduate school this semester.

  5. cheryl

    don’t want to alarm you, but you should ask your care provider if you could be suffering from gallstones. I only suffered nausea and heartburn ( none of the other gallstone signs ) and had to have my gallbladder removed one month after giving birth. Hope you are just experiencing “normal” heartburn

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