17 weeks and nothing to say

I know it’s been quiet here. Quieter than normal. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m really struggling to find the motivation to do much of anything, even something as simple as writing a blog post. This is one of many things that I hope will pass — and soon.

Unfortunately, not much has changed since my last pregnancy post, so I’ll spare you the complaining. I’m still tired, still sick, still popping Tums like candy for the constant heartburn, still waiting to feel better. I’m starting to think I might never feel healthy again.

We’ve scheduled an ultrasound, though, and we’ll find out whether we’re having a boy or a girl on July 15. I’m looking forward to that date for a couple reasons: I could really use the good baby vibes that come with finding out the sex. After that, I’ll be able to start some of the fun parts of pregnancy, like shopping for lots of tiny baby things and setting up the nursery. It’ll also mark my 19th week of pregnancy, which means I’ll officially be halfway to full term.

And now, because Kacie will kill me if I don’t post one soon, here’s my first official bump picture.

5 thoughts on “17 weeks and nothing to say

  1. Mrs. Money

    AHHH I JUST DIED A LITTLE INSIDE! You are so cute!!! Seriously. And I love your hair. You look great! You should have many, many more babies! :)

    I am so sorry you are sick. Have you tried Preggie pops? (You probably have :( )

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