TGIF link round up: Finally losing weight edition

It’s been a really sad week for celebrities. My thoughts are with the families of Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, and Michael Jackson. :(

But on a personal note, I do have some good news! After six months of dieting and exercising with no results, I’m finally losing weight! I’ve officially lost 6 of the 14 pounds I’m trying to lose. Woo hoo! I think the weight loss is due to a number of factors, including cutting bread, pasta, and potatoes out of my diet and increasing my activity levels. I hope I can keep it up and lose these last 8 pounds!

And now on to best posts from the blogosphere this week:

That’s all from me for the week. Have a great weekend and a happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “TGIF link round up: Finally losing weight edition

  1. J. Money

    hooray! great week for personal goals, sucky ass week for death :( and now Billy Mays! what a horrible week…here’s to a better one starting tomorrow!

  2. Karen

    @J. Money – It’s definitely been a bad week to be a celebrity. :( I’m also hoping for a better week this week. It’s a short week, so that’s a start!

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