TGIF Round Up: Sunny & 75 edition

There really is nothing like spring in this part of the country. It’s been sunny and 75 degrees all week, and the weekend promises more sunshine and warm weather. I’m craving sunlight, so we’ll probably try to get out as much as we can this weekend.

One of my Earth Day resolutions was to buy more local produce from our farmer’s market, so my plan is to get up early Saturday morning and head downtown with a little cash so we can pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables from local growers.

Here are my favorite posts from the blogosphere:

And from the Pecuniary Associates:

  • Pecuniarities made the decision to turn away a customer from her business. It may seem counterproductive, but sometimes refusing a customer is the best decision for a business.
  • Financial Nut explains the pros and cons of a Roth IRA. Tony and I just started saving for retirement this year, and we made the decision to invest in a Roth IRA. It’s good to keep the cons in mind.
  • Greener Pastures is investing in heirloom tomato plants so she can enjoy the taste of real tomatoes this summer.
  • Counting My Pennies is fighting to avoid lifestyle inflation. My biggest fear is that our spending will grow with our income. The easiest way to fight it? Save extra income, don’t spend it. (Easier said than done.)

Happy Friday!

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