TGIF Round Up: Spring fever edition

I apologize for not posting yesterday. I’m still catching up from the craziness during the month of March, and my creativity just hasn’t been up to par. I’m hoping to get my mojo back soon so I can post something new and fresh for you every day!

The work week is ending with rain, but the weatherman has promised sunshine and 70s for the weekend. Tony and I are hoping to get out of the house and enjoy the spring!

This week I participated in a brand new personal finance carnival, the Carnival of Pecuniary Delights. It was created by Penelope Pince of Pecuniarities. She’s also the founder of my new blog network, Pecuniary Associates, and she kindly included my post about using our emergency fund to buy new tires.

Wise Bread is hosting the carnival next week, so be sure to get your submissions in by Wednesday at 6 pm if you want to reach Wise Bread’s huge audience.

And now for some more reads from the personal finance blogosphere this week:

  • Cash Money Life offered a fun round up of April Fool’s pranks around the Web. I’m usually not a big fan of pranks unless they’re fun and harmless, but these were a lot of fun!
  • The Happy Housewife (who just welcomed a baby girl this week … send your thoughts for a quick release from the hospital!) somehow found the time to share this great do-it-yourself baby sling. So cute and a fraction of the cost of store-bought slings.
  • Not Made of Money offers some ideas for brown bag lunches.
  • Almost Frugal shares seven crazy money-saving ideas.
  • Small Notebook cleaned out her spice cabinet for the first time in a while with some humorous results.

And a few from the Pecuniary Associates:

I’m hoping to get back on track with my blogging this weekend (and enjoy some spring weather, too!) Happy Friday!

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