TGIF Round Up: Wanna write a guest post? Edition

With only 12 days to go until we head out for our holiday vacation, I’ve got a lot on my plate right now. Lots of last minute planning, cleaning, packing, and errands. I’m excited to see friends and family for the first time since the wedding 6 months ago!

I should be able to post daily until Tuesday, December 23 when we leave town. After that I’ll have some posts scheduled, but probably not every day. No biggie, though. I’m sure you’ll all have much better things to do over the holidays than read my blog. :)

However, if you’re interested in reaching a different audience (or reaching an audience at all if you aren’t already a blogger), I would love to run some guest posts during the week and a half that we’re gone. Just shoot me at email for the details. I’d be more than happy to return the favor sometime when you’re out of town.

But I know we’re all busy, so it’s likely that I’ll end up with some sparse posting over the holidays. C’est la vie. We all need a break sometime, right? :)

And now my favorites from my Reader:

  • Simple Mom offers 10 tips for looking your best. I generally don’t agree with “must-have” lists for clothing, but I have to say, this list from Tim Gunn is pretty close. She also shares some practical, non-wardrobe ideas for looking good.
  • The Happy Housewife has been full of great ideas for a simple Christmas lately. Her post on frugal gift wrapping offers some cute tips for wrapping beautiful packages almost for free. She also has a fantastic, fun idea for how to handle the sibling gift exchange.
  • Small Notebook is looking forward to simpler gift giving this year. Me too. Gift giving shouldn’t be stressful, especially in this economy. Her tips can help you keep it low key but memorable.
  • Cash Money Life shares some practical rules for regifting. With a little tact, your unwanted gifts could make someone else in your life very happy.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty burned out lately. I can’t wait for vacation, but I’ll have to settle for the weekend in the meantime.