TGIF Link Round Up: Post-Election Edition

What a crazy week! As exciting as Tuesday night was, I’m happy to say buh-bye to all the political ads. To be honest, though, the political junkie and journalist in me kind of misses the excitement leading up to the election. Definitely not the ads, though. :)

In the post-election return to reality, I suddenly feel like the holidays are sneaking up on us. Only three weeks to Thanksgiving! Does anyone else feel like that came out of nowhere?

This weekend I hope to pick up a couple items on our Christmas shopping list, as well as a couple items for our Thanksgiving menu. Lots to do and not a lot of time to do it!

And now for my favorites from my reader this week:

  • Patrick at Cash Money Life shares some tips for getting a great deal on holiday travel. Luckily, we’re avoiding air travel this year all together by staying home for Thanksgiving and driving a fuel efficient car to see family for Christmas.
  • Kacie at Sense to Save saved some money by taking advantage of price adjustments. When I worked in retail, I was amazed that more people didn’t take advantage of this.
  • Christina at Northern Cheapskate collected a fantastic list of repurposed household items from her readers. Lots of great ideas!

Here’s to a great weekend. Happy Friday!

2 thoughts on “TGIF Link Round Up: Post-Election Edition

  1. cashmoneylife

    We’re having family over for Thanksgiving, but driving several hundred miles for Christmas. Hopefully gas prices won’t be too bad! Thanks for highlighting my article! :)

  2. freefrombroke

    The election was certainly exciting but there’s a feeling of “now what?” Time will tell if all the excitement was justified. Let’s hope for the best. Thanks for the mention too!

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