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Just wanted to give you a quick update on my experience with returning defective printer cartridges to 123InkJets.

Last week, about three weeks after my initial request for a refund, the money showed up in my account. I was relieved since I wasn’t actually expecting the refund.

This isn’t to say it was an easy process. Their customer service is done completely online, which meant several confusing emails back and forth with a different customer service rep assisting me in each email.

I followed all of their instructions and sent an email with all of the required information (my name, address, order number, item numbers, and whether I wanted a refund or replacement). Two days later, I received a reply that said, “Thanks for your request. Now just send us your name, address, order number, item number, and whether you want a refund or replacement.” What?

So I sent the information again by copying the original email and saying, politely, “Um, I already sent that information to you.” I don’t understand how they didn’t see it. The required information was the ONLY text in my email. It was very odd.

Two days later I received a reply from a different person that said, “Thanks for sending the information. Here are the instructions for receiving your replacement cartridges.” They attached a shipping label to the email. Postage would be paid, which is nice. But the name and order number on the shipping label they sent me was incorrect. I also clearly told them I wanted a refund, not a replacement. Twice. Sigh.

I responded again telling them that I didn’t want a replacement, I wanted a refund. I also told them the return address and order number on the shipping label provided were incorrect.

The customer service rep who responded this time actually read through all of the emails before replying. She was very apologetic, and acknowledged that the situation had been handled poorly. She assured me that the return for my order number (the wrong order number) had been changed from a replacement to a refund.

I had to email them again about the incorrect shipping label.

Finally, about two weeks after I sent the original refund request, I received the correct shipping label with my name, address, and order number marked for a return. I boxed up the cartridges and taped the shipping label onto the box.

The process would have been simple if they had gotten my information right the first time. Honestly, the most complicated part was just dealing with 10 different customer service people who clearly had no idea what was going on.

When I sent the cartridges back, I paid 75 cents for a delivery confirmation. I wasn’t taking any chances on not receiving my $60 refund due to a “lost package.”

About 10 days later, the refund was credited to my account.

I’m glad that I received my refund. Honestly, I didn’t think I would. However, I will never buy ink cartridges from 123InkJets again, not only because the cartridges didn’t work, but also because their customer service is horrible. I eventually received my refund, but it was nowhere near as simple as they claim it is on the website.

Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I always get the sense from companies with this kind of return process that they’re trying to wear the customer down. If they can make the return process complicated enough, maybe the customer will give up before they receive the refund.

In the future, I’ll pay a little extra to get my ink cartridges from a reputable dealer. I don’t know if the problem was that my printer doesn’t like refurbished cartridges or if the cartridges they sent me were defective. Either way, it’s worth it to me to pay a little extra for ink cartridges that I know will work.


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