Celebrating my husband’s birthday today

Today is my wonderful husband, Tony’s, birthday.

First things first, I want to take this opportunity to thank him for his support and willingness to join me in our efforts to live frugally. He’s had to make a lot of sacrifices (including his beloved snack foods). Not only has he been supportive from the beginning, but he’s become proactive. Sometimes he’s the one telling me, “Do we really need this?” We’ve become a great frugal team, and I’m thankful for that. :)

As for my birthday gift for him, I ended up getting him a couple of small items that I know he wants and needs, but hasn’t gotten around to buying. I also ordered him the special edition DVD of his favorite movie. It’s not coming out until next week, but he assured me that it’s what he really wants.

He still hasn’t decided how he wants to spend the day, but it’s beautiful outside, so we’re going to get out of the house. We’ll also be going out to dinner tonight (it’s the last weekend of the month, after all!), and he’s requested brownies.

Happy birthday, Tony!

2 thoughts on “Celebrating my husband’s birthday today

  1. David


    As another husband helping his wife do the frugal thing – Happy Birthday and thanks for supporting your wife! I think its great when we can come together as couples and go after a worthy goal.

    I hope you enjoy your DVD. Happy Birthday again.


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