TGIF Link Round-up: Clearing Clutter Edition

Inspired by Kacie at Sense to Save who is selling her clutter on eBay and Heather at Freebies 4 Mom who challenged us on Monday to minimize our magazines, I have big plans to spend the weekend clearing some clutter out of my life.

The drawers in my dresser are so stuffed with clothes that I can barely open them anymore. There’s no way I wear all of that. So I’m going through my drawers this weekend and donating everything that’s stuffed into those drawers that I haven’t worn this summer.

As for my magazine stash? Sadly, it’s completely out of control. With 5 different subscriptions between my husband and me, we have stacks of magazines that have built up in every room of the house. They’ve been accumulating for almost a year. Yikes! We also have a stack of paper recycling that’s long overdue for the recycling center, so we’re going to get all of the magazines together along with our paper recycling and get it out of our lives!

Now on to the inspiring posts of the week. Is it just me, or is time going by faster than normal?

  • Emily at Remodeling this Life wrote an inspiring post about her motivation to stay frugal. This is a great reminder of what lies ahead for those of us still working to get out of debt, and a reminder of why it’s important to be frugal even after you’ve paid the debt down.

So now it’s on to the decluttering! Wish me luck! Happy Friday everyone!

7 thoughts on “TGIF Link Round-up: Clearing Clutter Edition

  1. Kacie

    Yes, time IS flying by. This week went fast. I thought today was Thursday, but nope!

    And oh my goodness, it’s almost Labor Day.

    Where is 2008 going?

  2. Patrick

    I had to stop subscribing to magazines awhile back because I never seemed to read them all and they ended up going to the recycle bin. There are a few I still buy from time to time.

    Thanks for highlighting the guest article on my site. :)

  3. Abby


    Sounds like an admirable goal! And a hefty one!

    I’m a total packrat. So I have to make it a priority to go through my things every two or so months and weed out what I can live without.

    This isn’t just because new stuff comes into my life, but because it often takes me awhile to detach from things. So something I might not be able to get rid of this exact second could be disposable in a few months’ time.

    Unless you’re already making a run to the dump or whatnot, I would suggest posting on your local Craigslist. There’s usually someone who wants old magazines. I have yet to figure out why. And if not, all you’ve done is waste a few minutes posting the ad.

  4. Karen

    Abby – I’m the same way! I don’t know why, but every time I finish reading a magazine I always think, “I might want to read this again later!” I never do, though, so it’s really silly that I keep them for so long. Ha!

    Thanks for the Craigslist tip. I might try it in the future to see if someone else can get some enjoyment out of them, but at this point I think I’m going to stick to my plan and get them to the recycling center pronto while I’m feeling motivated. If I put it off while I wait for someone to respond to my ad, then who knows how long I’ll end up procrastinating? This is a particularly out of control stash. :)

    Thanks for the comment and the advice!

  5. moneyloveandchange

    Before recycling those magazines, check out – many times, you can find some troops looking for reading material. I know that it costs money to send them overseas, but it’s worth it!

    In fact, I just checked, and found one request from today for sports magazines – I’ll be sending the Phelps SI issue over :)

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