Cotton Babies clearance sale

Update: I received my order (about two days after I placed it), and honestly, I cannot find a single thing wrong with these diapers. Supposedly there are “minor imperfections,” but I couldn’t tell you what they are after a thorough inspection. The current stock of seconds is almost gone, but if you didn’t take advantage this time, I highly recommend you order some next time they’re offered. It’s a fantastic deal.

If you’re in the market for cloth diapers, check out the huge clearance sale at Cotton Babies. BumGenius, Flip, and Econobum diapers are marked down around 30% off. Use the coupon code BESTDEAL for an extra 5% off. Economy shipping is free.

These diapers are “seconds,” which means they’re on clearance because they have minor imperfections. I’ve never ordered Cotton Babies clearance diapers, but according to the website, they have minor imperfections such as slightly uneven edges and imperfectly sewn binding. I’ve been very happy with products I’ve ordered from Cotton Babies in the past, so I trust that these imperfections won’t affect the performance of the diapers (as the site promises).

However, keep in mind that Cotton Babies clearance diapers are non-returnable.

I ordered four Flip covers and a BumGenius all-in-one. After the 5% coupon code, my total came to about $54, or about $10.80 per diaper.

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  1. Marsha M

    Thanks for posting this! I’ve bought a few BG 3.0 diapers and want to try to Flip so I got some of each.

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