$1 tarts and votives at Yankee Candle

Now through Tuesday, you can use this link to get Yankee Candle tarts and votives for $1 each. As I’ve explained before, tarts and votives are a good opportunity to try a variety of scents. Even at the regular price, they cost just as much as the larger Yankee Candles per hour of burn time. Unfortunately, at the regular price of $1.99 each they’re pretty overpriced for candles. I usually stock up during these sales.

I received a printable coupon to take advantage of this deal in the store because I’m signed up for Yankee Candle’s mailing list. If you’re a candle person, I suggest you sign yourself up. They send deals like this one every few months.

If you didn’t receive this coupon in your inbox, you can take advantage of this deal online using the link above. The discount should automatically be applied to tarts and votives in your order. If not, use the coupon code XF810TS. Unfortunately, their shipping rates are a little high (flat rate $6 for orders up to $100), but if you plan to stock up on a lot of tarts it might be worth it even with the shipping.

Tarts and votives make a wonderful addition to Christmas gift baskets. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “$1 tarts and votives at Yankee Candle

  1. tiffanie

    wish i could justify stocking up right now but with our budget the way it is…i shouldn’t splurge. :( i love candles. i still have a bunch of PartyLite Candles left over from when I hosted a party, but I burn candles almost daily during the winter months (since we can’t open the windows, it’s nice to have some type of fragrance in here while we’re all cooped up). *sigh*

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