Menu Plan Monday & grocery round up – 9/13-9/19

Since we stocked up on 5 pounds of chicken breasts last week and I wasn’t thrilled with this week’s meat prices, we decided to stay away from the meat department today.

The result is our best grocery bill yet: $50.42! That doesn’t include $15 at Costco for our monthly purchase of coffee and mozzarella cheese for homemade pizza, but I’ve decided to leave that out so I can savor this week of budget perfection. Yes, I know it’s cheating. No, I don’t care. :)

And now for this week’s meal plan:

Saturday: Porterhouse steak, white potatoes, and green beans (We bought the steak on sale weeks ago, and one steak feeds both of us.)
Sunday: Late summer minestrone soup with garlic toast
Monday: Arroz con pollo adaptation (made with chicken breast instead of a whole chicken)
Tuesday: Leftovers
Wednesday: Italian grilled cheese & tomato sandwiches
Thursday: Grilled chicken breast sandwiches with oven fries
Friday: Homemade pizza

It’s so satisfying when I’m able to stay within budget!

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5 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday & grocery round up – 9/13-9/19

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  2. Michele Braun

    Karen, loved your weekly menu. With effort, I am cutting down on my grocery bill, too. It takes alot of planning, but in the end it saves time as well as money. Plus, there is no scrambling at the last minute or going out to eat because you are not in the mood to plan and cook after working all day.

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